If you're planning a home renovation, chances are that someone is going to tell you to call an electrician. That's because electrical work requires specific skills that not everyone has. Skills that a highly qualified electrician possesses.

Having been in the electrical business for 30 years, we've encountered homeowners contacting us to ask for the electrical rewiring process so they can try to do it on their own. We're here to tell you why that is not a very good idea. We're also going to help you understand why and where to get the best electrical services that provide such a service.

What is rewiring?
Electrical rewiring is a complicated process that involves installing new electrical wiring. Rewiring requires precise removal and installation of new wiring including the use of certain tools or specialized equipment. This is especially an important process for old buildings because most older homes are not wired with enough capacity to power all the electrical devices used in modern times. Rewiring refers to replacing old wiring with new wiring that is capable of handling the increased demand.

When do I need rewiring?
It's not always obvious when your current electrical system needs rewiring. Aside from the reason we've already outlined above, if you've noticed that your circuit breaker is constantly tripping, for example, there might be a problem with the wiring in your home and it may need to be rewired. Another reason you might need electrical rewiring is if you've added a lot of electrical appliances to your home over the years, it's likely that your electrical wiring is just insufficient for the current demands of your home.

Not sure if your home does need electrical rewiring? Call us at 028-9694-3113 and one of our friendly staff will assist you with any of your electrical issues and concerns.

Where to hire rewiring services?
Not all electricians are created equal! Finding the right one for your electrical issue requires research and knowing what you're looking for. If you're planning on rewiring your home, it's important that you hire someone who has experience with the work required to do so safely. Working with a professional electrician will ensure your wiring is installed correctly and regularly inspected in accordance with electrical code guidelines.

The wrong choice could cost time and money, or worse - it could cause a fire in your home.

Get in touch with Electrician Belfast Pro!
We, at Electrician Belfast Pro, are experts at electrical rewiring for home or building renovations and we have 30 years of experience helping homeowners and businesses in Belfast, Northern Ireland with all their electrical needs including rewiring!

Electrician Belfast Pro offers affordable rates, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, 24/7 emergency service available - that means you can always turn to us for any electrical needs at any hour of day or night – 365 days a year. Our team consists of licensed and fully qualified local electricians who take pride in their workmanship and attention to detail. They will treat your property as if it was their own buildings!

We are located at #103 A, Apt. 104, Margarita Plaza, 81 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8FF but we don't currently offer on-site services, so please don't visit us. However, we encourage you to call us anytime at 028-9694-3113, get free estimates, and we'll make sure to rid you of any electrical worries!

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Rewiring Belfast

Frequently Asked Questions

Rewiring is the electrical rerouting of wiring in a building. It can be done for energy savings by re-routing power to lights that are illuminated for more hours per day, or just simply rewiring to include updated technology that was not feasible when the house was initially built.

Rewiring refers to the re-installation of electrical wiring to lamps, switches and other electrical items. It's important for safety reasons because contact with live wires can shock or electrocute people. Rewiring may be done for reasons such as updating the wiring system, rearranging fixtures in a room or moving outlets so they are more convenient. Rewiring may also be required if the building has been reorganized where power sources have changed. An electrician will know how to measure wire lengths properly, install new outlets where needed and change out old components that might need replaced.

Re-wiring a home is disruptive because it will likely require electricians re-arrange the electricity to be rewired. If you rewire, make sure that you hire qualified electricians to do the work for you!

Many homeowners rewire their homes at one point or another. Despite the variety of rewiring techniques available, no matter which technique is used, rewiring requires understanding the electrical system layout in your home and what to expect when rewiring.

Electricians rewire a house by replacing all the cables with modern ones, and installing a new panel board.

- They also put in a rewiring socket.

- Electrician Belfast offers rewiring services that will complete the work while the family stays inside their home.

Rewiring is messy, and I'm sorry to tell you but it's also time-consuming. There's usually a lot of dust and dirt in the house when rewiring, and rewiring can take hours or even days if everything must be replaced. You might need to rewire for safety reasons (e.g., faulty wiring) and rewiring will always be messy, especially if you're not sure what you're doing. Rewiring is complicated and dangerous; only electricians should do rewiring work!

No, rewiring is a major construction job and isn't something you can do while living in the home.

Electrician Belfast recommends having rewiring done when you're going to be away from your house for a period of time, so that rewire workers have access to all outlets and light switches without interfering with the electrician belfast family's everyday life. The rewiring will take at least one day but can last up to five or six weeks depending on how big the rewire project is.

This is a question that only the homeowners insurance company can answer.

An electrician may be able to rewire your house or property if you are uncertain about rewiring safety. If you are rewiring an old property it's important to consider safety first, as there are many electrical safety issues that can happen without proper knowledge. For example, rewiring metal for copper could change the circuit breaker requirements in your power grid and cause a lot of problems with how voltage is dispersed throughout your walls depending on what type of metal was originally used for wiring. On the other hand re-doing copper wire could make it vulnerable to degradation from moisture or insect infestation much earlier because there is no protective sheathing surrounding it inside walls.

Basic rewiring can take anywhere from one day to one week, depending on the house size and complexity of rewire.

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