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Electrical appliances are a vital part of everyday life. However, they can also pose serious dangers especially to people who are either regularly using them or are near them. When used for an extended period of time, electrical appliances can short-circuit or overheat, or worse, start a fire. This is why PAT testing is important and can come in handy especially where the safety of people is concerned.

Many people use electrical appliances daily without realizing they're using faulty ones. What PAT Testing does is ensure such electrical appliances are safe to use and to prevent electrical accidents that could have easily been avoided.

When did PAT Testing start?
What's interesting is that the practice of early testing of electrical appliances began as far back as the 1960s. However, back then, it was only common in government establishments. It was only in the 1990s following the introduction of the Electricity at Work Regulations that the establishment of a set of standards for electrical safety came into play.

How does PAT Testing work?
Testing is scheduled periodically, but the frequency depends on certain factors such as the type of electrical appliances your home or business establishment contains. How often such appliances are used is another factor to consider. PAT testing verifies that a piece of electrical equipment is still safe to use and is not prone to overheating, short-circuiting, or whether or not it poses any kind of electrical risk.

Although the Electricity at Work Regulations does not specifically say who can conduct PAT Testing, ideally, testing should be carried out by a qualified electrical professional. The process involves both a visual inspection and a more thorough inspection using specialized testing equipment.

If you live in Belfast and are looking for a local electrician well-versed in PAT Testing, then Electrician Belfast Pro will be glad to help you! We have fully-certified local electricians ready to assist you in any electrical needs you have, including PAT Testing.

Does my establishment need PAT Testing?
Although not legally required, it is important for business owners or homeowners to make sure all appliances in their establishments or homes are safe and properly maintained. To find out whether or not your electrical equipment needs PAT Testing including how often, you can reach out to us and we'd gladly provide answers!

Where can I avail of PAT Testing?
If your establishment is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, PAT Testing is just one of the many services that our electricians are qualified to offer. We are qualified to serve both commercial and residential properties, no matter how big or small the establishment.

Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from any electrical accident should always be a top priority. That's what we can guarantee for you.

If you have more questions about PAT Testing, give us a call and we'll gladly answer any questions you may have.

Our physical address is at #103 A, Apt. 104, Margarita Plaza, 81 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8FF. However, we do not currently offer onsite service so please don’t visit our address. You can call us anytime at 028-9694-3113!

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PAT Testing Belfast


There is no legal requirement for on-going testing, but if a company has been found to be below the level of protection of the standard, they can face fines.

PAT Testing stands for "preliminary assessment of the performance" of equipment that uses different kinds of electric current.

PAT Testing can be done to check if the wiring has been done properly and if any shorts are present in the equipment.

In a PAT test, the following gets tested: Electrics, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Fire alarm and detection systems, Gas safety, Medical electrical equipment.

Yes, you can purchase a PAT tester for aboutt £5,000 that checks the electrical safety of plugs and sockets.

PAT testing is only needed every 3 years.

This is a good question; you would be surprised at how many people do not know that their appliance needs to be tested. Let's see what the law says about PAT Testing in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

PAT Testing is only required for high-powered appliances, which includes one or more of the following: water heaters, boilers, heating systems with over 50kW output, air conditioners with more than 8 tonnes of refrigeration capacity per hour. Electrical cookers and ovens are not considered high-powered appliances.

Are you wondering how often PAT Testing should be carried out? The legislation in Northern Ireland states that it is only necessary for high-powered appliances. This means that any appliance with more than 50kW output does not require on-going testing; only one every 3 years.

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