Located in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Omagh was given its name from an Irish term An Ómaigh, referring to 'the virgin plain.' Omagh had a population of just under 19,700 as of the 2011 Census.


The foundation of Omagh dates back to 1610, and in 1768, Omagh was made the county town of County Tyrone, replacing Dungannon. Nestled among the rolling hills of County Tyrone, Omagh has seen its fair share of turmoil over the years. A Catalina Ib of No. 240 Squadron RAF crashed into the settlement on December 30, 1942, resulting in all eleven passengers on board deaths.

In 1998, Omagh was the scene of the worst terrorist attack in Ireland for decades. A group called the Real IRA carried out the attack and killed 29 people and injured over 200.

Tourist Spots to visit in Omagh

Many tourists visit Omagh, Northern Ireland, to learn more about the area's history. The Ulster American Folk Park Museum tells the tale of Irish people migrating to America in the 18th century. Meanwhile, the Beaghmore Stone Circles is home to ancient monuments with stone circles and other fascinating constructions. Some other sites in the city worth checking out include the family-friendly Gortin Glen Forest Park and The Abingdon Collection, which is known for its collection of classic vehicles. So if you find yourself in Omagh, make sure you've prepared your itinerary ahead of time because you'll certainly find it hard to run out of things to do.

Climate in Omagh

The climate of Omagh is typical for Northern Ireland, with considerable precipitation throughout the year. The average temperature in Omagh is approximately 17° C in July, while it's at six °C in January. August is the wettest month, with an average of almost 16 days' worth of rain.

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