Enniskillen, the county capital of Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, is situated on Cethlin’s Island, almost midway between the Upper and Lower sections of Lough Erne. The word Enniskillen is an Irish term Inis Ceithleann, which means 'Ceithlenn's island', Enniskillen is home to a population of approximately 13,800, according to the 2011 Census.


The town's oldest structure, Enniskillen Castle, and its advantageous position drew the English to try to seize it in 1593 in order to assist their ambitions for control of Ulster. In 1689, James II sent a force to besiege the city. The town became known as a Protestant bulwark as a result of this.

By this time, the community had expanded considerably. Enniskillen was recently named one of the finest locations to live in the UK by The Times (London) - some of its areas being it as a "the best address".

Tourist Attractions

If you're looking for natural beauty, this town is one place you should visit! From historical buildings to fishing, the town has a variety of things to offer its visitors. And being the only island town in Ireland, you'll surely find yourself with a lot of water activities to choose from, likes the ones you'll see in the Enniskillen Blueway Water Activity Zone. Of course, if you're in town, The Enniskillen Castle deserves a top spot on your to-do list. Built in 1428, it is the oldest structure of the town. The building served as barracks for the army and now operates as a museum for visitors to tour.

Climate in Enniskillen

The warmest day in an 'average' year is 25.5 °C, whereas the coldest night should fall to -8.2 °C in an 'average' year. Similar to other towns in Northern Ireland, the town receives a lot of rain even on the driest month (September). Some areas are considerably colder than others. For example, Lough Navar is a chilly place, with a frost index of 76 air touches per year on average. The town center, on the other hand, is substantially less chilly than Lough Navar.

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