Bangor has previously been dubbed the most desirable place to live in the region, a popular seaside town in Northern Ireland. Located in County Down, the town is located on the southern side of Belfast Lough and functions as a link to the Greater Belfast area via the A2 road and the Belfast–Bangor railway line.

As of 2011, Bangor has a population of around 61,000.


Bangor is a settlement with a history going back to the Bronze Age. Bangor derives its name from the Irish term "beannchor" referring to a horned or peaked curve. Also known as The Vale of Angels, Bangor is one of Ireland's most ancient and historic towns. Its early Christian heritage can be traced to the 5th century when St Comgall established a monastery there. Today, it serves as a large retail center and a commuter town for Belfast, even though the town's ancient history still influences its current appearance.

Fun activities in Bangor

Bangor is packed with things to do. Some of the most popular places to visit are the Bangor Castle, a magnificent building constructed in 1852; the North Down Museum for history buffs; the Pickie Funpark for the whole family; and Bangor's marina, which is one of Ireland's largest marina.

What's more, Northern Ireland's only 50m swimming pool at Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Centre is found in Bangor. One of Bangor's most popular attractions is one of the town's top places for families to spend quality time together.

Climate all-year-round

The climate of Bangor, like that of the rest of Northern Ireland, is mild with few extremes of weather. Bangor receives a lot of rain, with showers even during the driest month, which is April.

Snow is uncommon, but it does occur at least once or twice in a typical winter. The coldest period is from November to March, while the warm season is between June to September. The average temperature throughout the year ranges from 37°F to 64°F and rarely dips below 30°F.

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Electricina in Bangor
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