The town of Banbridge is located in County Down, Northern Ireland. It lies along the River Bann and the A1 highway. The name was derived from a bridge built over the river in 1712. Situated in the civil parish of Seapatrick and the historic barony of Iveagh Upper, it had a population of 16,600 in the 2011 census.


Banbridge is a relatively young settlement. It first appeared in history during the conflict between King William III and King James II. It later developed as a resting spot along the road from Belfast to Dublin, at the confluence of the River Bann. Today, Banbridge is still a small town compared to the nearby larger urban areas such as Belfast, Lurgan, and Newry. Still, it has undergone significant growth over the years due to its agriculture.

Tourist Attractions

While smaller than the surrounding villages, Banbridge has a plethora of lovely places for tourists to visit. See Frederick Edward McWilliam's works at the FE McWilliam Gallary & Studio, which has a spectacular showcase of his pieces in the form of permanent displays, temporary exhibitions, among other features. Visit Dromore High Cross, a historical monument located within walking distance of the Dromore Cathedral. Among the top shopping destinations in Banbridge and perhaps all of Northern Ireland is The Boulevard - Banbridge. Visitors should not miss their opportunity to discover what Banbridge has to offer.


Banbridge's summers are chilly and partly hazy, while winters are very cold, wet, and windy. In July, the average temperature in Banbridge is 17°C, while January temperatures range from 6 to 11°C. It can be bitterly cold between the months of January and April when the temperature falls to a low of about 2.2°C.

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