A settlement founded on a piece of land granted to the Adair family by King Charles I in 1626, Ballymena is now the eighth largest town in Northern Ireland. Located in County Antrim, the town lies in the River Main valley 24 miles northwest of the city of Belfast. As of 2011, Ballymena had a population of 29,467.


Ballymena's earliest recorded history dates to the Early Christian period. Ballymena is long known for its linen and woolen production, but more recently, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of synthetic fibers. The First World War destroyed the traditional linen industry. A railway was built in 1848, and later on, public facilities, including churches and a town hall, followed. In 1939, Ballymena became a borough and had since continued to develop and change.

Tourist Attractions

The Arthur Cottage, a restored 18th-century farmhouse in the neighboring village of Cullybackey, is one of Northern Ireland's most famous tourist attractions. Ballymena is also home to the magnificent Slemish Mountain and Dooey's Cairn. Lissanoure Castle Estate, built in 1300, features classic architecture and is also worth a visit. Today, it's open for weddings and other events. If you enjoy learning about history, Ballymena is an excellent site to visit.


The area is known for its warm and temperate climate. Ballymena, like many other towns in Northern Ireland, receives a lot of rain throughout the year. The annual rainfall is 956 mm, which is quite a bit, which holds even in April, which is considered the driest month. The average yearly temperature is 9.0 °C.

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